Here's some feedback from our wonderful customers...

"Years ago I bought your candle... I have traveled the world collecting scents and it has never been surpassed. I still have the empty jar and smell it regularly. Is there any possible way I will ever be able to smell this again? I am literally haunted by it." - Bradford, Atlanta

    "My son lives in the Bay Area and burning your neighborhood inspired scents helps me to feel like I have a little part of him  here with me. I also love the packaging and quality. Thank you" - Ginny, New Hampshire

      "A few family members have visited SF and have their favorite places so these candles are the best idea! They will love the gifts." - Chelsea, San Jose

        "This is nice, usually after reviewing a group of fragrances, I end up with a headache. This is the first time that I am enjoying smelling a group of fragrances and I feel good." - Jeanne, Berkeley 

          "I got these as a gift and was burning Muir Woods this morning. So lovely." - Lyndee, Sacramento

          "I absolutely adore this candle. I’ve been waiting decades to find it…just bought it for the first time yesterday..and haven’t stopped burning it." - Robin, Sausalito  

            "I absolutely love your blends..." - Harris, San Francisco 

              "Thank you for bringing a bit of San Francisco into our home." - Chuck, Sanger
                "My daughter suffers from PTSD and your Golden Gate Park candle has made a huge difference in helping to reduce her anxiety." - Suzanne, Boston 
                  "I just wanted to tell you that your candles are incredible...I'm now obsessed telling everyone I know. :)" - Kelsi, Seattle